Snappet’s scalable design template allows for us to create almost any logo, mascot, portrait, or idea a team or business may desire.
— Zachary Opaskar, Creator of Snappets

Prototype Promotional Snappets, not for commercial use.

Promotional Snappets

Snappet's engineering template is scalable which means they can be designed to take the shape of logos, mascots, people, or just about anything you can imagine.

Custom Snappets provide a unique opportunity for businesses and organizations to engage their potential clients and audience. They are an interactive and cost-effective solution for promotions and bounce-back to retail clients.

An effective tool for promotions 

Imagine a whole crowd playing with Snappets! The sound, the color, the fun...Your team or group represented by your fans or your people. The physical interaction and the simultaneous ability to advertise your message with a crowd is an extremely powerful tool.

Promotional Snappets are ideal for retail bounce-back opportunities and as a memorable collectible. The advantage of using Snappets as a promotional item is that they are printed on paper. Perforated coupons and advertisements can be placed throughout the area surrounding the toy. Once a finished product is produced, ordering and fabricating additional runs is cost-effective and efficient. Changing advertisements for different events and times of year is simple.

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Education Companies LOVE Snappets

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Snappets Make GREAT Margins!

Large and small retailers carry Snappets or their quality and Retailer friendly pricing!

Charities Choose Snappets To Help Raise Money!

Non-profits see the value in Snappets Customizable solutions to create unique fund raising gifts and tool!
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