Working with Zak has been an absolute pleasure from day 1! Since we teach science with thousands of kids each week, the Snappets looked like a fantastic addition to our programs. Zak was very willing to help us design a custom Snappet to perfectly suit our needs. He was incredibly responsive and very open to suggested edits. Zak also took all the pain out of the fabrication process, walked us through it with reasonable expectations and clear communication. He even offered to give us the white glove treatment and be at the manufacturer for the day they loaded up the product and shipped it off! As far as the children’s experience using Snappets, they absolutely love them! The build is easy enough that the children and staff do not get frustrated, but actually enjoy the process. Though I had just met Zak, it was like working with a long time friend, as he is so personable and understanding.
— Jimmy Ricard, Director of Science Fun For Everyone

Educational Snappets

Snappet's engineering template is scalable which means they can be designed to take the shape of logos, mascots, people, or just about anything you can imagine.

Custom Snappets provide a unique opportunity for businesses and organizations to engage their potential clients and audience. They are an interactive and cost-effective solution for promotions and bounce-back to retail clients.

A tool to help teach science, speech, art, or any number of creative subjects

Director of Science Fun For Everyone, Jimmy Ricard, contacted Snappets with the idea to create a tool for students take learning home with them after their anatomy classes were done. We partnered to design and fabricate Skull Snappets.

For some background, SFFE is dedicated to creating and promoting that amazing and magical moment where science collides with our curiosity and imagination. Their mission is to provide this positive and powerful experience for every child possible, transforming our world into one where we thirst for knowledge and understanding. By partnering with students, teachers, parents and businesses, they are making this dream a reality!

With Science Fun For Everyone we produced a custom version of the puppets. We simplified the amount of folding for easier crafting and printed the toy single-sided with one ink color. This was a pragmatic decision to cut down on printing cost while still matching the desired color scheme. Skull Snappets were given to students and campers during anatomy lessons, allowing them physically take home their learning. Each of the adult human skull bones are identified directly on the toys, accompanied by facts and a diagram printed on the surrounding sheet. The resulting toys are helping excite future generations of scientists, critical thinking, and creative play.

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Snappets Are a Great Promotion Engine!

Snappets are customizable and scalable for any business, parody or entertainment use! 

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Non-profits see the value in Snappets Customizable solutions to create unique fund raising gifts and tool!
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